A Constant Struggle

As I’ve been researching the life of Frederick Douglass, I have become more and more aware of who he was; his emotions, actions, and inner struggles.  Particularly I have come to the realization that all of his life, Douglass grappled with the white man in efforts to free himself from their grasp.  From his days of enslavement, overcoming the debilitating abuse of Edward Covey, to breaking away from the constraints of William Lloyd Garrison, Douglass constantly found himself fighting this battle, one way or another.  Similarly, Barack Obama has been placed in such circumstances throughout his term as President.  During President Obama’s healthcare address to congress in 2009, Rep. Joe Wilson interrupted the President, shouting “You Lie!”  More recently, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer shook her finger in the presidents face during a disagreement.  Both of these instances remind us that even today, the feeling that whites are more powerful that African Americans still exist today.  


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