Reading of Douglass’ Speech

Actor Norman Matlock reading a part of Frederick Douglass’ “An Appeal to the British People” speech.  I enjoyed listening to an audio version of one of Douglass’ speeches, I was allowed to envision his powerful language and fervor in his arguments for freedom.

Here is the link to the site where you can listen to the speech:


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One response to “Reading of Douglass’ Speech

  1. phgerondeau

    It was great to listen to a recording of one of Douglass’s speeches to get a feel of what he actually sounds like, and get a first-hand account of his language and rhetoric that you guys are trying to implement with your own poetry. After reading the “Nantucket” poem, I can definitely see how your group has tried to mirror Douglass’s speaking style with your own poetry. Similar to the Hayden piece that we read in the beginning of the semester, I think you guys are doing a nice job balancing the creative aspect of your poetry along with the historical knowledge of Douglass and his speech rhetoric. Nice work!

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