Frederick Douglass used his skills as a prolific writer, thinker, and public speaker to overcome obstacles and promote equality for African Americans.  He traveled from state to state, sharing his incredible story, inspiring others, and especially African Americans, to strive for justice.  Douglass’s voice in America became very influential, even in the white house.  Douglass and President Lincoln met on many occasions to discuss strategies for slaves to escape to Union lines during the Civil War.

Just as Douglass used writings, speeches, and discussions to promote the abolitionists cause for equality and freedom, movements today use social media as a means of getting the message out to the world.  The Occupy movement is a prime example of this.  The people that power the Occupy movement are protesting economic and social inequality, and the unfair distribution of wealth and income.  With the help of facebook, youtube, rwitter, and tumblr, the movement has been able to gain numerous followers across the country, as well as spread word about the movement and put the issue at the forefront of public consciousness.  Here is a link to the blog on tumblr called We Are the 99 Percent.



This video shows protesters explaining why the movement is relevant and what they stand for.



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