Reproductive Rights

Women’s reproductive health is one of the hotly debated topics within GOP candidates and the Obama Administration.  Is this an issue protecting religious freedom or women’s rights? The Center for Reproductive Rights believes reproductive freedom is a “fundamental human right that all governments are legally obligated to protect, respect, and fulfill.” This online organization highlights current articles and news stories about women’s health. It provides arguments on why the government should protect women’s reproductive rights.

On every page, there are four links in the upper right corner: one for Facebook, one for Twitter, one for Vimeo, and one for Youtube.  Currently, the Facebook page as 5,397 fans; the Twitter account has 5,243 followers and has 1,564 tweets;  the Vimeo account has twelve videos about reproductive health; and the Youtube account has 22 videos, 68 subscribers, and 48,909 video views. This organization understands that it needs to connect to citizens through social media.  Its rhetoric is not lengthy and poetic, like Frederick Douglass’, but quick and to the point, like the title of this video: “The Status Quo is Not O.K.”  This video has simple language that will stick with the viewer, as will its message.


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  1. Very interesting subject, appreciate it for putting up.

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