“I Have Sex”

In February 2011, Congress voted to defund Planned Parenthood.  This decision sparked debates across America.  Was Congress uncomfortable funding an organization that provided abortions?  Was this an attack on women’s health?  Was Congress uncomfortable funding an organization that supported sexual health?

America’s youth and emerging adult cohort was especially outraged, including those on college campuses.  In March 2011, students at Wesleyan University created a video to appeal to Congress on funding Planned Parenthood educates America’s youth.

After nearly a year, this video has 406,922 views on youtube, with 4,649 “likes” to 365 “dislikes.”  This video inspired other college campuses to create response videos, following the same “I Have Sex” format as Wesleyan’s.  Even the University of Michigan created a video.

The above video was made in April 2011, with 6,232 views on youtube, 43 “likes” and 5 “dislikes.”  UofM students and Ann Arbor residents explain how Planned Parenthood helps them.  There is even footage of a rally in Ann Arbor with representatives from Planned Parenthood.

This “I Have Sex” format allowed college campuses all around the country to unite in support of a cause that connected them all.  Youtube.com served as the vehicle for this cause.  Because these videos can be viewed by anyone, college students, parents, educators, and law makers all were able to view these videos and become aware of the response.


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  1. These videos are a part of the nationwide phenomena that came along with the advent of such social media as YouTube. They speak to the great freedom we have as a country. Regardless of one’s personal opinion on the matter of the government’s relationship with Planned Parenthood, these videos show that we as a people have the power to spread our voices and can use these voices to unite with people from all over the country who share our same beliefs.

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