99% vs. 1%

I exist beneath

the shoes of the rich.

Surviving paycheck to paycheck,

bent backwards with the weight

of taxes, rent, and tuition.

I am forced to work

two jobs, still struggling

to put food on the table.

I watched my father

die of pneumonia, unable

to afford proper healthcare.

I wonder each day

how much longer I can endure.

I am the 99%.

No longer will I live

in silence as the gap grows.

My voice will be heard.

From the top,

the view is unobscured,

and yet sickening all the same.

I watch as the herds

of low class citizens cram

their way into the streets,

screaming and yelling,

painting me as the villain.

I am to blame for your

lack of ambition?

For your laziness?

The unemployed always

are eager to throw

blame in the direction

of the prosperous.

But when the noise ends,

I will remain at the top.


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One response to “99% vs. 1%

  1. This subject is so prevalent in today’s culture. Following the protests that relate directly to this poem, the divide between the 99% and the 1% deepens even more. This poem is wonderfully written and shows the great contrast between the two groups of individuals.

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