– covering Douglass’ successes and relationships

On the National Public Radio website, literary expert Farah Jasmine Griffin discusses Frederick Douglass’ autobiography and his experiences as a fugitive slave.  She focuses on Douglass’ efforts to create a narrative that focuses on his journey from a slave to a free man in society.  Below is the link to the audio clip:

Additionally on NPR, host Michael Martin speaks with author John Stauffer about the relationship and commonalities between Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.  Stauffer presents the idea that Lincoln and Douglass were alike in many ways, despite their different thoughts on how slavery should come to an end, an interesting point of view considering many people do not even know Lincoln and Douglass had any kind of friendship.  Below is the link to the audio clip and the cover image of Stauffer’s book:


Giants: The Parallel Lives of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln


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