An ode to the blue bird by Emily Goldstein


WTF, ThatMomentWhen,

Embarrassing, TFM.


Tina Fey and Sarah Palin,

Words with Friends and Alec Baldwin.


Check out my new video on youtube.

You didn’t reply to my tweet? Rude.


Rosie and Sophia were on Ellen on again,

Downton Abbey is the latest trend.


Jenna Marbles posted a new video.

Steve’s tweets aren’t funny.  Unfollow.


Political arguments heat up in Jerusalem.

Ordered a pizza for dinner. Single girl problems.


Rachel and Finn just got back together.

Ted, I gotta know– who is the mother?


Just checked in at Amer’s on FourSquare,

Snooki’s pregnant? Still don’t care.


Two teenagers walk in the sunset, holding hands –

I’ll post a picture of it on Instagram.


Please don’t cancel “Community.”

Shit girls say, that’s so me!


Just got a job working part-time,

YOLO, bitches. It’s Tebow Time!


Have you heard? Did you know?

Please stop talking. That’s so ninety seconds ago.



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2 responses to ““TWEET”

  1. chelseahoedl

    After hearing you read this to the class I had to comment. This poem is so fun and witty! Really enjoyed this one.

  2. phgerondeau

    I agree with the comment above. This poem is very funny and gets the point across, and really exemplifies the differences in ways that politicians and public speakers can get their message across with all of these new media platforms. Someone like Frederick Douglass had to rely solely on his speaking ability to generate support, while lesser known people today can link stuff to their tweets on Twitter, or have friends share articles on their Facebook wall to generate support and interest in the community. Nice job!

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