The life of Frederick Douglass provides incredible inspiration for all people.  Born a slave, Douglass created his own fate by breaking the chains that bound him to the promise of death.  Through his talents as a public speaker as well as a prolific writer, Douglass became a champion for civil rights and equality for all humanity.

Today, people across the globe are still fighting for change.  And just as Frederick Douglass was able to make the world listen with his captivating speeches and powerful words, people of the twenty-first century are using social media.  Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Vimeo have become vital tools in the progression of important social movements over the past few years and have brought swift action as a result.

Our main goal in creating this blog is to express how Douglass’s life is a  metaphor for the people-powered social movements active today.  We look to show how Douglass’s story of liberation translates to the communal efforts for justice and change in movements of the twenty-first century.  In the articles, images, poems, videos, and thoughts shared in this blog, we hope you will be inspired to open up your own ideas on the subject.


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