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An ode to the blue bird by Emily Goldstein


WTF, ThatMomentWhen,

Embarrassing, TFM.


Tina Fey and Sarah Palin,

Words with Friends and Alec Baldwin.


Check out my new video on youtube.

You didn’t reply to my tweet? Rude.


Rosie and Sophia were on Ellen on again,

Downton Abbey is the latest trend.


Jenna Marbles posted a new video.

Steve’s tweets aren’t funny.  Unfollow.


Political arguments heat up in Jerusalem.

Ordered a pizza for dinner. Single girl problems.


Rachel and Finn just got back together.

Ted, I gotta know– who is the mother?


Just checked in at Amer’s on FourSquare,

Snooki’s pregnant? Still don’t care.


Two teenagers walk in the sunset, holding hands –

I’ll post a picture of it on Instagram.


Please don’t cancel “Community.”

Shit girls say, that’s so me!


Just got a job working part-time,

YOLO, bitches. It’s Tebow Time!


Have you heard? Did you know?

Please stop talking. That’s so ninety seconds ago.



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“Two Views on Women’s Health”

 Two Views on Women’s Health

A conversational poem by Emily Goldstein


Why is women’s health an issue?

  Controversial women’s health,

We can all agree, this

  Has been drawn out too long.

Is overblown on importance.

  This answer should be clear.

Women deserve medical care,

  Women deserve medical care,

For “medical” conditions.

  For all conditions.

Sexual health is not important.

  Sexual health is extremely important.

I thought everyone knew that.

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“Rebellion’s Organization”

Come on, Come on

Join in the fight

Let’s rally our emotions to new heights


With a post and a tweet

We’ve asserted no small feat

We’ve organized a rebellion.


Like Frederick Douglass before us

Let’s confer to deter any further violations

Of fairness and security and independence.


Like Frederick Douglass before us

Let’s open the door

For people to voice their desire for change.


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“Words Effect Change”

Now my hands are free from the chains,

my mind free from the pains and the games

of those oppressors and supremacists

who tried to take away my life’s emphasis-

my rights and my dignity were held in their reins,

I could not hold back the rage that ran in my veins

and so I discovered that knowledge is power

and words effect change.

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54th Massachusetts Regiment

What I ask of these men,

hated by their country,

robbed of identity, owned

in the black skin they were birthed;

I ask now for death,

the only promise to be kept,

as I gaze into their eyes

and see the glazed stare

that awaits a broken future,

left lifeless on the battlefield.

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99% vs. 1%

I exist beneath

the shoes of the rich.

Surviving paycheck to paycheck,

bent backwards with the weight

of taxes, rent, and tuition.

I am forced to work

two jobs, still struggling

to put food on the table.

I watched my father

die of pneumonia, unable

to afford proper healthcare.

I wonder each day

how much longer I can endure.

I am the 99%.

No longer will I live

in silence as the gap grows.

My voice will be heard.

From the top,

the view is unobscured,

and yet sickening all the same.

I watch as the herds

of low class citizens cram

their way into the streets,

screaming and yelling,

painting me as the villain.

I am to blame for your

lack of ambition?

For your laziness?

The unemployed always

are eager to throw

blame in the direction

of the prosperous.

But when the noise ends,

I will remain at the top.

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“Only When”

A one-sentence poem by Emily Goldstein (2012)


Only When

Only when truth wins,

Beating “good enough,”

Can old falsities be abolished

To make room for the new –

I know, I know this can be mine,

This truth to find, behind the lies,

This truth will thrive

In mankind, in a tangible future –

And never forget,

What is possible for me

Is possible for you,

And your children,

And your parents;

Beginnings never determine

Ends, and neither do your ends

Induce your children’s ends;

For each year,

Offspring are more free –

Freer than leaves

Flying on dreams,

Reaching toward trees,

Sing sweet symphonies,

Soar on a high C.

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